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Our Vision

The artists of Rickshaw-art belongs to the underprivileged caste of the society. Back in the days, these artists earned their living by working in Rickshaw & Taxi Garages but now this profession is no longer satisfying their needs, throwing their lives into uncertainty. They lay idle in the slums even engaging themselves in anti-social activities.

ONE CULTURE envisions to enlighten the life of these artists by giving them a new medium to work with and act as a catalyst to drive them in the right direction by opening a path to earn a good living. This effort will also recapitulate the heritage of their artwork into our daily life in a different way.

In short, ONE CULTURE has been able to motivate the lives of many underprivileged people through its initiative and strives to expands its reach to the people of other walks who still remain unprivileged. We are confident, little by little, our steps will shed the radiant light of hope into the lives of poor and put a positive impact in the social wellbeing.