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About Us

ONE CULTURE, formed to resuscitate the heritage of Rickshaw-Art which is now in the brink of extinction. The age-old tradition of portraying intermingled colours in the form of animals, flowers, monuments, local heroes & heroines at the back of the rickshaws and pedi-cabs dates back to the 1950’s. This culture as well as the artisans are now ailing to stand the test of time & the advent of digital printing.

To revive the heritage of this artistry, ONE CULTURE has taken the initiative to nurture the tradition and conceptualized a new platform for the artists to work on and to earn an honest living.

Portraying the artworks on items like Mugs, Jars, Kettles, Buckets, Trunks, Fruit-Bowls has transformed the use of this rickshaw art & now it can be found at our living room as a piece of décor adding traditional beauty to our lifestyle.