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Welcome To One Culture

One Culture welcomes you to the world of colourful artistry inspired by Traditional Rickshaw Art.  Our untiring effort to innovate new fusions of Rickshaw art in various household as well as office items are sure to embellish your decorative style. We hope that our artworks will be showcased in your living rooms and office desks as décor preserving the heritage as a cherishable beauty of present time.

The Architect behind One Culture

Sumaina Abedin formulated the idea of portraying rickshaw art on daily usable items so that people can use them in their houses & offices as a piece of décor.
For long she has been engaged in welfare activities and has contributed largely to the social betterment. She is also a Trustee of Quazi Abedin Welfare Trust which runs Kaniz Fatema Girls’ School and College at Baroil Bazar, Manikganj. The institution is now educating nearly 900 students laying a foundation for an edifying upbringing of village girls.
Now, her initiative through ONE CULTURE aims to cultivate the heritage of Rickshaw-Art that is depleting very fast from our culture and has enabled the artists to work in their preferred canvas at an enhanced pay which is providing them a good living. She has been promoting the artworks for more than a year and endorsing the genuine artists who have learned this craft from their predecessors working in the Rickshaw Garages instead of the artists who learned arts & crafts through art schools.
Simply from a place of passion and noble interest she started ONE CULTURE as an e-commerce endeavor and to try to reach as many people as possible she created a Facebook page. The tremendous response from both local friends and expats in Bangladesh motivated her even more and her devotion towards this initiative increased.
The team at ONE CULTURE believes that through cooperation and support from all corners of our society we can stop this age old art from fading and bring some culture and colour back into our lives.

Our Happy Client